08 May 2009

Is Dick Cheney Right?

This morning's CNN poll started with the phrase "Is Dick Cheney Right....". It continued with some mumbo-jumbo about the Republican Party moderating. The poll results at that time were something like 30% yeah/70% nay. I wonder how many people actually read past "Is Dick Cheney Right"?

Dick Cheney is one of the most polarizing figures of the last decade. I have argued from the day GWB picked him as a VP that he was really the guy running things. He's an effective puppet-master.

So back to the original point.... When a poll question is asked, and the opening phrase asks if Dick Cheney is right, the poll is skewed. In this case, (and believe me this is hard to say) he is right. If the Republican Party moderates, it won't stop the bleeding. The problem with the party is the absence of leadership. They need someone who can bridge the divisive factions. There are a lot of individuals vying for that role, but none are fitting the bill.

Michael Steele could be that individual, but the Limbaughs and Cheneys of the party need to fade quietly into the night, or, better yet, simply STFU and stop trying to be relevant.

I, for one, am ok with the GOP never figuring this out.

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

"simply STFU and stop trying to be relevant"

Well said. Good post overall. I'll admit that I only read the first line and thought "Hell no", but unlike many, didn't take the poll since I didn't read the article.